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September 16, 2012 - Bed Bath & Beyond 2012 Risk/Yield Update

The previous comments on June 21st regarding Bed Bath & Beyond indicate that the fall period could see some gains in this stock price.  This is also occurring at a time when the general market is heading higher which could add additional momentum to the price. 

Algorithms that are used to produce the graphs have been updated and may change the graphs slightly and as a result, the new versions for BBBY are included.  Also included is a chart of BBBY's 2012 stock prices (with a link) for comparision purposes. 

  June 21, 2012  -- Bed Bath & Beyond Risk/Yield for 2012

Bed Bath & Beyond dropped more than 15% today (see article). The stock price for this company closed at 66.99 on April 3, 2012 and at 73.67 on June 20, 2012, an increase of almost 10% over a period of not quite two months.

The BBBY Delta Core/Transient 2012 graph does indicate a move into Risk during the June and July 2012 period.  Starting in August of 2012, the momentum is towards the Yield area as it moves 400+ which corresponds with the "back to school" shopping time.

The BBBY Risk/Yield 2012 graph illustrates that the period from April to July has significant Risk data points.  While both the early part and end part of the year have significant yield data points.  The period in the fall of 2012 is also the period that the USA economy has a movement into yield (see home page).

Today was a down day for the market and it looks like Bed Bath & Beyond got hit from both sides, not having good guidance and a day when most stocks were decreasing in value.  This company's stock price may have gotten slightly ahead of itself.

We'll check back on this company in September of 2012. 


       BBBY Delta Core/Transient 2012 graph

        BBBY Risk/Yield 2012 graph

Disclosure as of 6/21/2012 & 9/16/2012 - Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) is not part of our portfolio at this time.