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April 15, 2013  -- North Korea, not over til the boy king sings

As the graphs of North Korea are looked at in more detail (graphs at bottom of page), a few things become clearer.  Please note that unlike other write-ups, I have included actual aspects so that others can form their own opinions.

  • Few days +/- April 18th are more likely to have some type of incident - based on numbers of aspects being very close.
  • very erratic thought process and if missile launched, may not be controlled well - Uranus in opposition to mercury.
  • impetus to act in a solid fashion which would normally be a nice aspect but in this case, could cause actions to "prove" being in control - sun/mars trine Saturn
  • craving attention and may be goaded to action one way or another, possible susceptibility to manipulation  - Venus opposition mars
  • crumbling of ideological values and also a plan of a possible delivery of a nuclear device over water and in this case, the nuclear device is weakened and not likely to be used - Pluto square Neptune.
  • a spotlight attracting good fortune by ways of water and/or having shifting truths - part of fortune conjunct Neptune.
  • verbal conflicts, arguments - mercury opposition mercury.
  • Unable to make compromises or to let anything go, maybe restrictions on what can be done - Saturn conjunct south node.
  • grandiose, exaggerated action, belligerent, over-inflated values of self - Jupiter opposition Jupiter
  • emotional responses are at the forefront and difficult to control and over-exaggerated - Jupiter opposition moon.
  • ideological actions are at the forefront which could be for good or bad, could signal changes in values or could signal more actions on their existing values - Neptune trine mars

in a few years - around 2016 or so

  • nuclear capability - Pluto trine sun
  • possible use of nuclear weapons - Uranus trine Pluto

March 30, 2013  -- North Korea Risk/Yield for 2013

Both the Global and USA graphs indicated a potential crisis between March and April of 2013.  Some of the global issues may have resulted from the banking crisis in Cyprus but, indications are that the contagion from that was isolated and thus, not likely to be the sole instigator of a global mishap and it now looks like North Korea is fast becoming a global issue ... actually, more than a global issue .. maybe a global piarrhea. 

As many newscasts and analysts have theorized, maybe the boy king would be different ... uhhh .. maybe not. Problem is that this boy king may not understand getting NO for an answer.  His family's rule was based on agreeing to limitations and then once they had what they wanted, ignoring any limitations they agreed to.  The global community is at a loss on how to respond to the boy king — after all, the people of North Korea will suffer but, the boy king will simply keep on the same path until he becomes an even greater threat to those in the region — even those considered friends. After all, that's what bullies do ....

The graphs are not providing much support for easy solutions.  Quite a few valleys and peaks for 2013 which in the case of a country like North Korea, you would probably rather have it more even as the ups and downs are likely to spur tensions.  This country feels like it has a lot to prove and it wants to be "associated with the most powerful nations on the planet" — probably not going to happen.  One issue is that this boy who is not battle-tested, will respond from anger and in fear.  He is also likely "not his own man yet", there are others controlling him.

Few things to point out:
  1. The risk/yield has a very clear peak during the March/April period with a valley around May 15.  This could correspond to actions that are taken around the beginning of April period with a national upheaval of support but followed very quickly by a valley indicating strong negative effects. 
  2. The second peak could indicate some global negotiations that take place and soften some of the effects. 
North Korea wants the nuclear bomb and they are going to get it unless they are stopped from further development.  They could have the potential for what they want in as little as 3 years (2016) ... can't kick the ball down the field, it's not going to work anymore. While the current situation unfolding does not appear to have severe negative implications directly for the USA (see USA chart -April trend into Risk is Transient and not Core) of a long term duration, this will not be the case forever. In future years, waiting for a first strike could mean a major US city could be leveled before the US would take action.  And, if this seems unlikely, then why is the US west coast missile defense system being upgraded? 

It will be interesting to see how the new leaders in China move forward in this situation over the coming weeks but,China's silence in the face of the North Korea's barrage of threats against other nations in the region may be a signal of where it stands.   Already noted in China's 2013 Risk/Yield graphs was a possibility of more regional entanglements/disagreements in the November 2013 period —at the time of that writing, I assumed that it might be Japan but, it could be North Korea.  The Asian region will bear close watching this year.

Next update - end of April 2013