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December 3, 2013 -- Global Perspectives for January 2014

From the December 2013 period  --
"As we are moving into December 2013, it is apparent that the Global economy has been reaching stability and while the USA government shutdown may have impacted it short-term, it has had the resilience to surge ahead.  The global graphs are not highlighting any significant issues ahead and with the looks of the graph, I suspect that Global may do better that the USA economy as the USA struggles with the Congressional impasse."

December 2013 looked Ok for the Global Economy but as the time moves towards the January 2014 deadlines in the USA for action on the budget and the debt limit, the world economy starts slowing down.  A worrisome point is that while the US seems to pick up by February 2014 (although not by much), the Global Economy seems to sputter (note the risk in the Risk/Yield graph) and this continues up into May 2014.

There are also concerns of escalation with the China/Japan borders that will occur in the first few months of the year and that is likely affecting the overall tone of the global markets.

Keywords = Lull before the storm.