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Economic & Corporate Risk/Yield Reports

August 19, 2013 -- Global Perspectives for September 2013

The graphs indicate that July/August signal (see arrow in the Risk/Yield graph below) a topping of the markets and while it appears from the graphs to be a down trajectory from August into September (see 2nd arrow in Risk/Yield) , it does not move strongly into the Risk, rather it dips slightly and then bounces along at about the equilibrium point (see arrow in the Delta Core/Transient).  This indicates that the global economy has some resilience to stand steady in the face of further unrest in areas like Egypt.

The end of the year starts to look a bit positive with a slight uptick into Yield (see rightmost arrow in the Risk/Yield) starting around mid-November.  Optimism associated with Transient factors rise in October and shortly after, the core factors start to rise.