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September 14, 2012 - Google Update Risk/Yield 2012

Back in April of this year the earlier software version of the GOOG 2012 Risk/Yield graph provided some insight that the summer period might be a tad challenging price-wise for Google. As the price chart for this year illustrates (link to Yahoo provided), July has been the low period so far this year for Google stock.  The graph posted back in April identified that the September period might see an uplift in stock price which has also occurred.

At this time, an updated version of the graph is being provided for both GOOG Risk/Yield and the Delta Core/Transient for 2012 as our software algorithm has been updated to include additional astrological configurations.  Google appears to be well-placed to take advantage of an expected lift in the USA economy as it also has an uptick into Yield in the fall period (GOOG Delta Core/Transient graph).  Note, there is a change at the end of the year with a movement towards equilibrium and possibly into risk corresponding with what has also been shown in the Global and the USA charts.


Google YTD (Yahoo Finance - link)

April 15, 2012  -- Google Risk/Yield for 2012

In 2010 Google publicly rejected the actions of the Chinese government in censoring the internet (see article) and now Google is walking the same fine line with respect to their shareholders.  By means of Google's unique voting structure, three people can take away 50% of the voting rights for the rest of the shareholders and this is being contemplated to "keep control of their company" (see article) in the hands of the three.  This begs the question as to how much difference there is in China wanting control of the internet in their country and a company's founders wanting to keep their vision unhindered for their company?

With that in mind, Google's astrological configuration for the short term is disruptive.  While there is a period of opportunity occuring in May, it is overshadowed by momentum moving into "risk" for the June period. This might stem from the public perception and reaction to Google's actions as it pertains to changes in the voting stock.  It's worthwhile to note that Google's annual meeting is June 21 (see article) when the changes are being put to a vote.    

As a note, there is a movement into "Yield" in the October period but, some of the astrological configurations involved indicate planning rather than "results attained".  We'll come back and examine Google's end of the year data in more depth after Google's annual meeting in June. 

         Google Delta Core/Transient 2012 graph

          Google Risk/Yield 2012 graph

Disclosure as of 4/15/2012 - Google (GOOG) is not part of our portfolio at this time.