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February 28, 2013  -- Home Depot (HD) Risk/Yield for 2013

Refer to Reading Graphs for information on interpretation of the graphs.

Some brief notes on the graphs:
1.  The Core (in the Delta Core/Yield graph) stays pretty much above the 0 level throughout the year - this is positive indication.  The graph doesn't have high peaks into yield but, then again, no sharp valleys into risk either.  This type of graph is usually indicative of astrological configurations that even though they are changing, do stay positive thru the year.
2. The Transient (in the Delta Core/Yield) also stays mainly above 0 throughout the year indicating that the perception from the public is that this is a "good stock". 
3.  The combo graph (Core & Transient Delta) stays above the 0 throughout most of the year. Late in the year it is dipping into Risk territory.
4. The values above 1000 in the Total Risk/Yield graph suggests a continuous volume throughout the year and since it stays below 1500, this would indicate no sharp and erratic changes in the year.  With this in mind, probably not the best stock for a day trader this year but, probably well-suited to the investor that likes to see small but steady gains.

It will be interesting to see if these indications become fact as the year progresses.

Also, refer to the Global, USA, and other company's graphs on this site for 2012 and compare to market prices for 2012.

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Disclosure as of 2/28/2013 - Home Depot (HD) is not part of our portfolio at this time.