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2011 Holiday Fundraiser

Note, the following fundraiser is closed as of 1/1/2012.  Thank you for your donations!

Lioness associates is providing a Fundraiser for the 2011 holiday season to benefit the Ohio State University (OSU) Greyhound Health & Wellness Program.  This fundraiser will run from December 1st to December 31st 2011.  Full information on the OSU Greyhound Health & Wellness Program can be found on their website at https:  //

For each $40 donation to the the OSU Greyhound Health & Wellness Program, Lioness Associates will provide a gift of a greyhound's transit reports for the year 2012 - please note, the greyhound must have a birthdate documented in the Greyhound Racing database.  Examples of the type of information in the reports is provided below in the two samples.

The reports touch on the major influences affecting your greyhound for the 2012 year.  Dogs like people, have natal charts that determine their basic personalities and strengths/weaknesses based on the birthdate.  Transits are taking the current planetary configurations and applying them to a natal chart to see what influences will be coming up.The influences could be favorable or unfavorable and many times there will be more than one influence at work.  An unfavorable transit occurring with a favorable one would indicate some issues that need attending to but a reason to be optimistic that the issues would resolve.   To sum up, the a natal chart gives a guideline of the potential while the transits provide the ability to realize the potential. 

Lucy's report, for example, highlights her seizure activity and her progression with that illness from an astrological point of view.  Larry's report on the other hand,  covers a limp that he has had along with the visits to the vet.  Larry's limp is still unfolding from an astrological point of view ~~~ next year will bring some conclusion which honestly .. I have yet to delve into.  As a note, death surprisingly is not easy seen from a transit on a person or animal.  It is more easily seen in the transits of those around the person/animal.  For example, the passing of my previous dogs has been more easily seen in my transits than in my dog's transits.  The same for the passing of a mother as this would be more easily seen in the transit of the daughter but, then it does also depend on the relationships of those involved. 

Checks should be made out to the OSU Greyhound Health & Wellness Program and a notation made in the memo section "Transit Chart Fundraiser".  Please provide your greyhound's name (and racing name if different), birthdate, and email address (reports are emailed).  Send check and information to:

Greyhound Fundraiser
Lioness Associates
1450 High Street
Westwood Ma 02090

Questions - send to
Status of reports - either email or call 781-392-4099