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May 13, 2013  -- Update on MSFT Risk/Yield for 2013

A Microsoft price chart (until today) and the 2013 Risk/Yield graph for 2013 are show below and have a high level of similarity.  Note that the period that the Delta Core crosses over from Risk to Yield is at the  3/15 which corresponds to the period in the price chart when the price started to move slowly up. Also, the Delta Core is hitting one peak at 5/1 which corresponds to the peak in the price chart at approximately the same time.

One note to keep in mind, this is a stock that no one really wants to like — in many minds it is not at the forefront of technology and it's products may not be the ones that the "cool kids" purchase.  But, having said that ... many IT departments of corporations are not looking for the "newest & coolest products" rather, they use products they can count on that have support staff that will correct any problems and they count on upgrading when newer versions come out. 

There appears to be some room to grow the price higher into the summer period (as long as the economy is still buzzing) but, it depends on investors re-looking at this company and realizing that the products while maybe not cutting edge, are getting the job done.

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January 11, 2013  -- Microsoft Risk/Yield for 2013

Refer to Reading Graphs for information on interpretation of the graphs. 

Also, refer to the Global and USA graphs on this site for 2012 and compare to market prices for 2012.

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Disclosure as of 1/11/2013- Microsoft (MSFT) is not part of our portfolio at this time.