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12/28/2008 - Dell Computer 2009 Risk/Yield
The 2009 graphs for Dell indicate a momentum surge early in the year starting at about 3/15 and peaking at about 5/1 with a 400+ move into yield.  From 5/1 to 9/15, the core slope down is gradual and does not move into risk indicating that a possibility exists of a sideways move or a slight move up. If it moved decisively into risk, then there would be a higher probability of a stock price drop.


Dell Computer 2008 Risk/Yield
The Dell graphs for 2008 are "picture-perfect" and should not be construed as typical graphs produced by our algorithms.

In this case, the beginning of the year starts high, moves into a slight valley and moves with momentum into a peak followed by a severe slope down starting at 8/15. This is evidenced in both the Risk/Yield and Delta Core/Transient graphs and in the stock prices. The momentum into yield starts at about the 5/1 period.