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November 26, 2012  -- FNP (or formally known previously as LIZ) 2008 - 2012 Risk/Yield

Liz Claiborne fashion line has been one of the casualties of the 2007 recession.  Many attempts to climb out of the hole that it found itself failed and early in 2012, rumors where that it would be selling itself - instead, it underwent a name change to Fifth & Pacific (FNP).

The series of graphs starting in 200 and continuing into 2012 illustrate the "risk environment" that this company was mired in. It has only been recently that it is climbing out into the yield portion of the graphs.

Both the Risk/Yield and the Delta Core/Transient for 2008 display momentum in the Risk portion of the graphs. The Delta Core/Transient graph displays the move into Risk at the 8/1 period and shortly after, the stock price moved down.


link to FNP (LIZ) stock price chart

Liz Claiborne - 2009 Risk/Yield

Looking at both the 2009 Risk/Yield and the Delta Core/Transient graphs, note that the core is still in the Risk area indicating another challenging year.  There are some "waves" in the core line as it does fluctuate during the year.  Note the start of down cycles (core moving into risk) at 3/1, 5/1, 8/1, and 10/15.  The transient line does stay in the yield area indicating that short-term trends might show some hope.


Liz Claiborne - 2010 Risk/Yield

The graphs for the 2010 year appear just as challenging as the ones earlier.  There are sharper dips into risk and more protracted times in that area.   There is a dip into risk already n progress at the beginning of the year and another one that starts at 4/15.


Liz Claiborne - 2011 Risk/Yield

During the 2011 year, the Risk/Yield and the Delta Core/Transient are in the risk area at lower levels and for longer then the previous graphs such that the core disappears past the bottom of the graph during the July and August period. 


Liz Claiborne - 2012 Risk/Yield

The graphs are starting to see some "light". It's evident that while there is still risk, it is being compensated to some degree by Yield.