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August 9, 2012 -- SodaStream International Risk/Yield for 2012

SodaStream International appeared to report good earnings this week (see article) and it's stock price increased and then ... decreased.  It appears that the problem may be that many on Wall Street are not sure if this is the "real thing" or a fad (see article). 

The SODA 2012 Risk/Yield graph depicts that the first 6 months of the year had more risk but, as fall approaches the yield factors increase while the risk factors decrease. The fall period is also when the USA economy should bound up (see USA Economy on home page) and this would also lift this stock up.

The SODA 2012 Delta Core/Transient graph illustrates that the Core hits equilibrium between August/September of 2012 and has a slight momentum into yield in November but, drops into risk shortly after. 

It's interesting to note that the SodaStream Company was founded in 1903 (see company website) and produced the first "soda machine" during that year by partnering with W & A Gilbey (London Gin Distillers).  


Disclosure as of 8/9/2012 - SodaStream International (SODA) is not part of our portfolio at this time and is not expected to become part of our portfolio in the next 3 days.