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November 27, 2012 -- Perspectives on USA Economy for December 2012

There are indications from the numbers on unemployment, housing, and consumer buying that the economy has shifted and is turning around.  The USA 2012 Risk/Yield and Delta Core/Transient graphs also support that the economy has stabilized but, there are no indications that the economy will surge ahead. The astrological configurations indicate a very slow and painfully steady recovery with large doses of reality thrown in — as least for the next few months. 

The USA 2012 Delta Core/Transient graph  (see boxed area in graph) indicates that in December the core has peaked and is sloping down but does not appear to cross into risk, at least not in the 2012 graph, the 2013 graph may show that it does. If the Core stays in the yield area, then the economy will lose momentum but, may not necessarily backtrack. The economy could also drift slightly  in a positive direction — the key here is that momentum is lost...... at least for the time being.

The delta transient in the USA 2012 Delta Core/Transient graph is below equilibrium and into risk in December indicating that news and perception are likely worse that the actual situation.  The loss of momentum is likely to bring up fear/doubt and the typical public actions will result from that.  Maybe it's better to perceive it as a pause and stabilization in the movement of the economy and to plan accordingly.