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June 5, 2013  -- USA Economy for June 2013

Last month in the "US Economy for May 2013" we stated "The upward movement seems to be intact until the end of May ... but, June becomes a question as to whether it can continue it's upward drive. While there may be a correction in June, it appears that it may spur the market to greater heights in July.   As mentioned in earlier USA economy updates, August /September is a downward movement that ends in Risk possibly indicating some changes in USA interest rates or similar "market shaking" news.  A side note, the news that this year Bernanke is NOT attending the economic policy symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is interesting and could end up being fuel for any market "shakiness".   "

As the graphs indicate (and have indicated since the beginning of the 2013 year), there is a downward pull at the beginning of June which should ease by the middle of June.  The downward shift the first two weeks of June does not appear severe at this time, more of a correction.  There is some indication that the economy/market could pick up again in late June/early July but hard to say whether this would be trying to hit previous highs or making new highs.

As noted earlier (and in many other recent articles), it's easy to provide easing and having markets grow artificially but, much harder to rein in the easing and to let the markets work as intended. There will be pain (corrections) and the longer the pain is delayed, the more severe the see-saw motions will eventually be to re-establish equilibrium.