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Economic & Corporate Risk/Yield Reports

May 9, 2013   -- USA Economy for May 2013

As the graphs show, the USA economy & stock market is moving ahead, maybe a bit more slowly than previously but, it is not dipping into the Risk yet area yet and in fact, is still projecting upwards.  

During April, the sudden drop of the Transient data factors into the risk area of the graph was likely due to the Bombings that occurred in Boston.  As a note, I had assumed that the drop was an indication that North Korea would be rearing it's ugly head and causing global issues but, that was not the case.  Regardless, the bombings did cause a slight pause in the movement of the markets which as May arrived, has resumed it's movement up.  

The upward movement seems to be intact until the end of May ... but, June becomes a question as to whether it can continue it's upward drive. While there may be a correction in June, it appears that it may spur the market to greater heights in July.   As mentioned in earlier USA economy updates, August /September is a downward movement that ends in Risk possibly indicating some changes in USA interest rates or similar "market shaking" news.  A side note, the news that this year Bernanke is NOT attending the economic policy symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is interesting and could end up being fuel for any market "shakiness".